Herbal Perineum Care 

Herbal Padsicles Are a wonderful, refreshing, and healing product to aid with your afterbirth perineum care and hemorrhoid relief. Infused with Chamomile, Plantain and Yarrow and Goldenseal to soothe and heal.  This combination of herbs is known to be a powerful wound healer and tissue inflammation reducer by herbalists. They can also aid in pain relief.  As well as having antibacterial properties.

$15.00/10 pack                                       

Herbal Perineum Spray is utilizing the same herbs as the Padsicles but in spray form to fit the personal desires of each mother. Also great for hemorrhoid relief as well. Both products are formulated in small batches to maintain potency. Please contact me for availability $6.00/ 2oz. spray bottle

Ingredients for making your own perineum spray or padsicles  available at Marigold Market Lewistown Mt.                                                                                           

Herbal Mamma and Baby massage Workshop

​Relax and unwind with herbal oil body massage. You and your baby can benefit greatly from herbal oiling. With this service I will educate and demonstrate to you how to utilize herbal oils for massaging baby and yourself into a relaxed state all while encouraging good digestion, lymph adrenal function and aiding in toxin release. Encouraging upmost healing peace.

Service Includes:

  • Handouts including step by step instructions, fun facts and herbal history.
  • 4oz. bottle of herbal oil.
  • Demonstrate herbal body oil massage on both baby and you.
  • Demonstrate and create your own herbal oil, for future use.
  • This session is an hour's worth of demonstration.  $50.00

*Bring a friend for a discounted rate*

Bone Closing Session

The bone closing technique has been used all over the world to aid parents in their healing process. For the purposes of aligning stretched and tweaked hips from gestation and birth. Help the pelvic organs shift and aid the uterus in shrinking down and stimulate blood flow. As well as help in closing cycles, energetic fields and returning balance back into your postpartum body. Our body can hold trauma in all areas. This method releases those points to allow truly deep healing. In this way Bone Closing is good for all ages and walks of life. I have adapted this traditional practice to include my own favorite techniques of energy healing and rebozo work. Each session is about an hour.

Want to learn more?? Feel free to contact me with questions. $60.00

Holistic Herbal Coaching/ Consultations

Each herbal coaching/ consultation session will be completely individualized to best find herbs that can best match your body for your ultimate well-being journey. This knowledge is based on my love of herbs and folk knowledge gleaned throughout the years.

Each service includes.

  • Understanding each herbal alli discussed and how to best utilize its properties through their herbal profiles.
  • Creation of specialty custom care plans and suggested herbal formulas.
  • Discounted rate on all formulas and products to start your healing journey.
  • Follow up phone call.

Each session is about an hour.


Herbal Coaching with Private Class

With this package you will get all the benefits of an herbal consultation. As well as in addition you will get a private workshop geared towards learning how to create your own formulas and products. Gain confidence in using nature as your alli and heal.

Materials for production is included in the cost of the class.

Each workshop includes about 2 hours of instruction and creating.


Single Private Herbal Workshop


Herbal Coaching, Reiki, Closing Bones Wellness Package.

Want the full benefits of all the healing practices provided? This package pricing is the way to go.

Each package includes.

  • Everything an Herbal Coaching session has to offer.
  • One Closing the Bones session. (see above)
  • One Reiki Session


*Always consult with a care provider, doctor, naturopath or other licensed professional if pregnant or nursing or when starting a healthcare regiment. *

Marigold Market loves to share their passion for plants! Join me for education based on this love and wisdom gathered over the years of my folky herbal journey. I want to bring the herbal knowledge back to our kitchen as it was practiced generations ago. Making it the norm again, allowing all to access the plants power of healing.

Go to Marigold Markets Facebook to see events scheduled.

Taught by Shanna ( Simply Be) and other guest teachers.

Herbal workshops are located at:

210 West Main Street. Lewistown MT

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