"The moment a baby is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before."



My name is Shanna Swanson.

My passions include raising four ambitious boys, folky herbalism, and natural gardening. In the past I loved working as a CNA and a restorative aid in the healthcare field. That is where my adoration and love for aiding others truly developed. I always wanted to be in the OB realm of medicine, but life happened and so did children. About 11 years ago, I attended my first birth. I was hooked. I decided right then and there that I would be a doula and be active in birth work. However, as I looked at my then pregnant belly with my fourth baby, I knew that the timing was not quite right. Fast forwarding, this wonderful avenue of life looped back around. I started to study as a certified doula through Montana Birth and Midwifery services in Bozeman MT, through the Global Organization of Midwives. Two years later here I am practicing as a certified birth doula in any setting that the family desires. Home birth, birth center or hospitals. 

Spinning Babies is another continued education avenue I have been obsessed with as of late and am working to expand my education through other avenues as well. I love to learn and grow in birth work, the knowledge to be gained is endless. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can, whenever possible.

I love teaching prenatal education. I believe informed consent is so important. And evidence-based education is the road to better birth outcomes. Knowledge is power. Birth is a time for transformation, growth, honor and respect. It was not designed to be quick and painless, but to create a deep sense of awe and one with spirit. To reach this goal mothers must be given the time and space to do so. Every woman is unique. Every birth is unique. I believe in the power of all women. We can withstand any experience sixty seconds at a time. We are strong, brave, ambitious, stubborn and loving. Those characteristics can shine brighter with each rush of the birth process. I stand for advocacy, dignity, and empowerment of mothers and their companions. I strive to support them physically, emotionally and spiritually; giving them the opportunity to have their most ideal birth, minimizing stress, trauma. Allowing mothers to have choices and be in control of their decisions. From ancient practices to new discoveries, I thrive to glean and learn, in order to best serve my mommas with the means that suit them best.