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Why have a Doula?

A doulas job is to serve you, from the hips up. No matter the setting, Hospital, Birth Center, or Home Birth. We have you covered. We are here to make you feel supported powerful and confident in your body and the birth process. When a doula is present a mother has the opportunity to have her emotional, physical and spiritual needs met. Her desires and wants are heard and advocated for if needed. Through unconditional love, we stand strong for others who can then be strong themselves.

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Let's not forget partners! Your support person also has the opportunity to cash in on the doulas aid. We are here to get them whatever is needed for them to support mother at their optimal level. Yes, this includes food, water, and breaks and coaching if desired. Also giving them the opportunity to feel confident and comfortable in those actions needed to harbor the mother and her space.

Research shows that when the proper birth support is present interventions are minimal, tearing is non-existent or slight and trauma is to a lesser degree or null and void. That being said, birth is unpredictable. I am firm believer of not putting birth into a box of expectations. Desires, wishes and birth hopes are of upmost importance, but birth is as jiggly as Jello, and it can be impossible to pinpoint exactly how it may pan out. With doula support it is easier to adjust to any changes that may come to pass outside of what may be desired to happen. Doulas allow for easier transition and adaption to deviation of the birth plans. Doulas can aid in focusing the mother when the labor dance gets intense so that they can experience more of a labor and birth dance they desire. Thus, creating flow with mother's natural rhythms to manifest looseness, and one with the labor process. Opening the doors to focus allows for following with the bodies birth rushes and energy, allowing the body to flow through the birth process beautifully.

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Prenatal Education

Private one on one prenatal appointments are available as well as community classes. Both options consist of labor and birth positions, comfort measures, pressure points and counter pressure education. Proper body mechanics that are cohesive to each stage to aid baby earthside. Lastly, tips and tricks to aid in smooth transitions between each phase of labor.

What can you expect as a birth support person/ partner of a laboring mother? We have you covered with all the information as well!

Prenatal and Birth Support

As a client of Simply Be a variety of options for prenatal visits are available to best suit you in this preparing stage of your gestation. These can be done in the comfort of your home or at our office.

Simply Be is here to serve you and your companion. To create an atmosphere of peace, advocacy and support. At home, birth center or in a hospital setting we are here to aid and guide you through your ideal birth dance.

Lactation Support

Simply Be's lactation support is based on personal experiences. Specialty references are available.

Postpartum Services & Specialty Support

As part of Simply Be's services we will check up on you in the days following your birth and are available for questions that you may have regarding your fourth trimester. 

Simply Be offers specialty support options to aid women in their postpartum journey of healing and motherhood. Additional postpartum Specialty Support available for a discounted price upon addition to your preferred doula package.

Did you Know?

When you crave... Your Body Wants..

Chocolate------ Magnesium
Sweet Foods--- Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Tryptophan
Bread & Pasta--Nitrogen
Oly Foods------Calcium
Salty Foods-----Chloride

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