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Free Consultations Available

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Just Breathe

Packages Include:


All packages also include Boulder Balm, Postpartum Herbal Sache Soak and a special gift.


​Tools I will bring to your birth include:                           

  • Birth Ball/Peanut Ball
  • Rebozo            
  • Tennis Balls                   
  • Aromatherapy tools including oils and diffuser/ Cotton Balls.
  • Herbal Massage Oil                       
  • Rice Bag for hot compresses      
  • Washcloths for cool compresses      
  • Waterproof, damage proof mantras or other desired phrases (3) of your choice (handout of suggested mantra's available at prenatal appointments)   
  • Other positive visuals (if desired case by case.)                  
  • Honey Sticks, Peppermints, and coconut water and recharge if desired.
  • Herbal Perineal pads or spray if desired. (Additional charge applies)
  • Chapstick
  • Blue Tooth Speaker if needed.


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Prenatal Appointments

Include but are not limited to a mother questionnaire to help me get to know you better. Nutritional guidance for pregnancy and postpartum.  Teaching and demonstration of relaxation therapy techniques (breathing, massage, tension exercises, pressure points and counter pressure techniques).

Positive imagery exercises. Understanding the Rebozo as a birth and postpartum tool if desired. Discussion of what your birth space may look like and help plan and execute that vision. *Ask me for more info. on the labyrinth technique*     Understanding positions for optimal pregnancy and birth and corresponding handouts. Education and resources on evidence-based care for any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Education and implementation of verbiage change in gestation and labor. Specialty exercises and handouts to guide you to a birth space free of worry and full of confidence. Prenatal appointments are for us to connect so when you are at your most vulnerable during your labor and birth you win not only have confidence in yourself but in your support as well. Creating a more conducive, peaceful and empowering birth atmosphere. I am here to serve you.                                          

Birth Support

When your day comes to enter into the labor process, I will be there to aid, serve and support you.  This may be in coaching your companion or offering you the support myself or a combination so that the labor dance can go as smoothly as possible.   I will be there to guide you through positions if needed by utilizing a variety of tools such as a rebozo or birth ball.  Counter pressure points, and massage are also available anytime.  Especially when holding tension. Montra's words of positivity and positive mental imagery can be used as a tool to get you to focus your birth energy and not on the intense feelings and sensations that may be present. Being full of nutrition and hydration is key during labor and I will make sure you maintain both. A doula's role in labor and delivery is to serve, advocate, support and maintain a proper birth atmosphere. Full of peace and love and void of interruptions.


Postpartum in-home visits.

(Basic and Deluxe package only.)

Includes but are not limited to housekeeping where desired, easy nutritious snack preparation, and nanny care for baby.  Giving you the opportunity to nap, shower, read or just relax.  I also provide herbal foot soaks during this visit so that mom can just melt and meditate.  If you are drawn to just visit, let me serve you with my listening ear and aid where I am able. This time is for you!

*Additional postpartum Specialty Support available for a discounted price upon addition to your preferred doula package ask for more info.*